International Surf Day

Bring yourselves to Access #7 on Okaloosa Island June 20th for ISN. Remember to bring food, surfboards and beach chairs for a afternoon/evening of SHARING THE STOKE OF SURFING.
In 1778 British sea captain James Cook sailed to Hawaii. The first European to make contact with Hawaiians, Cook was intrigued by the culture and marveled at the native’s ability to ride the crashing waves that broke just offshore:
“I could not help concluding this man had the most supreme pleasure while he was driven so fast and so smoothly by the sea.”
Today that same fascination with riding waves continues to enthrall millions around the globe. The sport of surfing has taken up roots in virtually every country that touches an ocean – and even a few that don’t! Surfing figures prominently on the cultural landscape as well, often popping up in ads and movies.
This is why International Surfing Day was founded; so that surfers and surf enthusiasts from all over the globe have an opportunity to come together in celebration of the great sport of surfing.
Now in its ninth year, ISD has grown to over 200 separate events in over 30 different countries. From paddle-outs to beach clean-ups, surf movie nights to mangrove restorations, surfers across the world will be coming together on June 20th 2013 to both celebrate the sport of surfing, and to give something back to the oceans, waves and beaches that give us all so much.
So wherever you are on this big blue ball, we invite you to join us on June 20th as we celebrate International Surfing Day.

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