Prodcut Review: 10’4″ Nu Wave SUP Natural Bamboo with White Rails

Nu Wave SUP Natural Bamboo

Stand Up Paddle Boards (or SUP) have been mainstream for a little while now. You’ve probably tried it or have a friend that does. What you might not realize is that SUP is a great way to get out on the water whether there’s surf or not. So today we’re doing a product review on the 10’4″ Nu Wave Natural Bamboo SUP with White Rails.


Not all SUPs are created equal, and it’s even more difficult to find quality SUPs that are locally shaped. Enter Nu Wave Stand Up Paddle Boards! They’ve been around for about three years now and are based out of Cocoa Beach. They have an array of different paddle boards for all kinds of uses. This Nu Wave Natural Bamboo is 10’4″ x 32″ x 4.75″, making it one of their longer and thicker boards. This means the Nu Wave Natural Bamboo is a great all-around board.

When you think about SUP there’s many different subcategories to it. Surfing, Cruising, Racing or Crosstraining are the most common. Due to it’s length and thickness, this SUP is perfect for cruising and surfing smaller waves or as a beginners first board. You could also use it for crosstraining, as it’s not a racing board, and will provide decent resistance at higher speeds.


Nu Wave is on the cutting edge of SUP construction utilizing EPS Foam Core, PVC, Epoxy Resin, Wooden Stringer and Vacuum Packing to achieve a PVC Sandwich board. Pop-out boards from Asia will usually utilize EPS Foam and Epoxy Resin, but the materials used are low-grade and they lack the protective PVC Shell present in Nu Waves PVC Sandwich construction. And the PVC Shell is worth it because these boards are big and SUP’s are very prone to bumps and scrapes. All in all, this is a durable, versatile board that is produced and sold in Florida.

Please take a look at the Nu Wave Natural Bamboo SUP with White Rails here. You can browse our other SUPs in our online store here.

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