Product Review: Kahuna Big Stick

Kahuna Big Stick

You may or may not have seen the Kahuna Big Stick around. They have been available for a couple of years now and with the popularity of SUP have started to catch on. In case you can’t guess the Kahuna Big Stick gives you the feeling of stand up paddle boarding with a longboard skateboard.


The Kahuna Big Stick features an adjustable length shaft with a Moko graphic. The handle is a soft grip and is ergonomically shaped to easily fit in your palm. Just like with a SUP paddle the part that makes contact with the ground is called a blade. Kahuna’s “Road Blade” is made of rubber and will wear down with heavy use. With that in mind Kahuna Creations has replacement Road Blades available once it starts to lose it’s grip.


While using the Kahuna Big Stick you’ll notice the familiar burn in your arms, shoulders, abdominals and obliques that you’d normally feel while SUPing. If you’ve never SUPed before you essentially use the Kahuna Big Stick as a paddle to help push yourself along flat ground. The movement of your arms is very similar to paddling a canoe, except in a standing position. Here’s a great video with Buttons Kaluhiokalani and other Kahuna team riders “land paddling” with the original version of the Big Stick.

So, there you have it. A perfect way to get the benefits of SUPing without a large investment in a board or a great way to keep your paddling strength up in the colder months. Check out the Kahuna Big Stick in our online store here. We also have tons of other surf and skate gear available here.

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