Product Review: Sector 9 Bolt Quad Complete Skateboard

Sector 9 Bolt Quad Complete

Sector 9 has been a big name in the longboard skateboard game for quite a while now. About as long as the longboard skateboard movement. With that in mind we’re doing a product review of the Sector 9 Bolt Quad Complete.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Bolt Quad is it’s size. That’s right, Sector 9 has made a shortboard. It’s not a traditional new school board, but it is only 30.25″ inches long by 9″ wide with a 15.5″ wide wheelbase. That’s not to say that you can’t perform your standard kickflips, grinds and manuals on it, just that it is a retro shaped deck. The Bolt Quad is constructed of 7-ply maple so it should stand up to plenty of abuse over the years.

Since this is a complete, we should talk about the hardware! You’ll find 8″ GW “Mission” trucks with 61mm 78A Sector 9 “9-Ball” wheels and Abec-5 bearings attached. There’s also a 0.5″ riser pads and wheel wells to ensure you don’t get any wheel bite while carving. Obviously if you decide to go with wider trucks or larger wheels you’ll have to play with different configurations with/without the risers.


A couple of things to note with the Sector 9 Bolt Quad before we go. First, this is a cruiser board at heart. Yes, you can do tricks, but the hardware configuration is tuned for cruising and pulling the occasional ollie or hill bombing. That said, the sprayed-on grip was intended to allow the deck’s graphic to be seen. If you find the grip is wearing off or it’s just not “grippy” enough you can easily sand the spray-on off and put griptape over it. Other than that this board is good to go!

Please take a look at the Sector 9 Bolt Quad Complete here. You can browse our other skate gear in our online store here.

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