The 2012 Quiksilver Pro & Tim’s Big Adventure

Dive into the 2012 Quicksilver Pro with your favorite shop owner, Tim!

The competition is fierce over in France this year with unexpected outcomes and gnarly swell that has attracted spectators from all over the world. Tim has been lucky enough to get out to France and watch this spectacular event, with Mick Fanning getting eliminated by the wildcard Dane Reynolds and many more amazing outcomes that none of us saw coming! Today is Round 5 of the event, we’ll have to see what kind of outcome we’ll have later on in the day!

A photo captured by Tim during the event!

Tim says, “France is amazing,lots of good food and beautiful girls. We rented bicycles to get around better, allowing us to check some other spots. Lay day on Saturday so we explored to coast by bikes, very cool way to see things, but we ended up missing the better conditions for surf. waves ended up being waist high and wind blown. It was raining early and cold. Hotel 202 is about a mile from the beach so bikes have made the ride much faster. Sunday Morning we watched the end of round 1 with Gabriel getting the high score of 9.3 on a beefy barrel. Updates to follow. Next round starts at 1:30 when the tide turns. For us lunch, surf and then check out the contest for round 2.”

Another sick photo captured by Tim during the 2012 Quiksilver Pro!

The latest update from Tim, “Walked around Hossegor last night trying to get the lay of the land. Got semi lost but did find the beach to see a nice little chest high wave. Next day is smaller with rain so no contest. We did stumble into a nice cafe for dinner. Dusty Payne and jordy were there eating as well. Hoping for the sun to come out cause its cold for a couple of Florida boys.”

The 2012 Quiksilver Pro, captured by the eyes of the Fluid Surf Shop owner, Tim!!

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Peace & Love!

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