Tuesday June 4th, 13


News this morning is about Invest 91l, which is our wave generator, It appears to be slowly getting a bit stronger and pushing ashore near cedar key, fl on Friday. Surf this morning is knee high once again but doesn’t look like groundswell yet. Surf is suppose to pick up all day. Winds begin to increase this afternoon . ¬†Forecast is changing daily based on what Invest 91 does…stay tuned but go surf this afternoon! Check out Cloudbreak at the Volcom Fiji Pro..starts around 2pm today


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One thought on “Tuesday June 4th, 13

  1. Stewart surfboard Alert-9’0 and 9’2 Hydrohull just arrived
    Hayden Hypto Krypto-6’0 -6’4 just arrived just in time for SURF

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