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  29 Eglin Parkway SE 
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548



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The Ripster combines classic styling with modern technical design features. Maximum glide and paddle power, insane speed down the line, and quick rail-to-rail transitions makes the Ripster the ultimate performance single fin!

A deep, long blended concave in the nose makes this board paddle with maximum glide to catch every wave. It also creates trim speed and lift down the line, beating sections like you won’t believe!

The rails are down hard in the tail, then soften as they go forward, making this board turn incredibly well while also being forgiving. The hard edges on the tail release water, giving it ripping speed, and the foil holds it in the pocket.

The heavy V in the tail runs up to the middle of the board, where it’s perfectly transitioned into the nose concave. This makes rail to rail surfing easier, and beautiful back-to-back roundhouse turns effortless.

Single Fin
Comes with a clean & simple raked 9″ single fin, for that classic look and optimal performance for this model.


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